Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Fun Baby Shower

I went to my friend's baby shower tonight. And I'll be honest, I hate going to baby showers. I don't have kids, so the conversation is awkward (the moms are talking about breastfeeding & I'm waiting in dread for someone to ask me when we're planning on having kids). But the evening was really fun. We played a few games and they were fun; I didn't have to smell or eat anything. :) We just hung out, chatted, and ate yummy food. The gifts were all so cute and pink!

The kicker was when we were cleaning up the party and a firefighter walked in. (The party was at a neighborhood community center, so they can just walk right in.) Apparently one of the alarms was tripped, but we didn't hear anything; it must have been some kind of glitch because there was no fire, just a bunch of ladies. That really capped off the night nicely.


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That's funny about the fire alarm...what a way to end the night!