Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gifts from Richardo

I came home the other day and Richard had bought me a few gifts and hidden them around the apartment for me to find (which I LOVE doing). One of the things that he got for me was "The Cuddle Sutra" and I love cuddling more than looking for presents!!! We've cracked it open and it's a cute book.

Our week is going pretty well with nothing exciting to report. I hope all of you in cyberspace are also having a good week. Laters!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey Wieners!!

For those of you that know my husband and I, we are a weird couple. One of our quirks is that we greet each other by saying "Hey Wieners!" We got it from Homestar Runner and we think it's hilarious. Anyways, some of our new friends out here think it's funny/strange that we do this and when I was at the grocery store with one of them, she said to me "Hey Winner!" (without the funny accent that we use). It was weird to hear her say it and then I asked her, "Did you say 'winner'? It's 'wiener'!" She didn't understand why we called each other wieners and I tried to explain that it was from this online cartoon, but I started to feel like a dork, so I changed the subject.

I just thought that I would clarify for all of our dear friends and family...yes, Rich & I call each other wieners.