Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My dad recently had his birthday and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. He's really the greatest dad ever and he's only getting better with time. Music has always been a big part of his life. When I was younger, he would play Elton John or Billy Joel or the Beatles on the piano. I would sometimes sneak out of my bedroom at night to get a better listen through the vent in the floor that was above the piano room.

Since I love to sing, Dad would play music on the piano while I sang along. It was so fun to spend that time with him and sometimes when I come home, we still do that.

Dad is kind and loving. He wants the best for his wife and each of his children. He (and the Muum) taught us about hard work, the gospel, and love. I love you, Daddy, and I hope you had a great birthday!!!

In honor of Dad's birthday, I've added some of his favs to my music list. Enjoy!

Yea!!! A New Template!

I've been looking everywhere for new templates and I couldn't find any that I liked for a long time, but I finally got one. I hope you all enjoy it.

We haven't been up to much lately. Rich hates that there is country music on our blog, but the deal is that once he creates 1 post, the country music is gone (maybe not for good, but for a little while). Work is work and we're just livin' it up here. I don't have any pictures, but I'll try to get some for next time; I like the posts with pictures better. :) I'm visual, what can I say?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tagged by Camilla

3 Joys
1) My husband
2) My family and friends
3) The gospel

3 Fears
1) Snakes
2) Losing my babies (I don't have any, but I'm scared someone will steal them. I know, it's weird.)
3) Not being on lock-down. :)

3 Goals
1) Read Milton's "Paradise Lost"
2) Get a tan
3) Start working out again.

3 Current Obsessions
1) Richardo
2) Chocolate!!! (that's really a life long obsession)
3) Finding a better job

3 Random Surprising Facts
1) I pierced my own bellybutton several times in high school (bad idea!!!)
2) I hate clothes shopping; I would much rather go grocery shopping.
3) I enjoy playing video games with my husband.

I tag TheSassyLime, Muum, and Edge.