Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Template...Lost Info :(

Hello all you blogging buddies! I decided to update the blog for Valentine's Day. Every time I do that I lose all of my widgets (I love that word; widget widget widget). Anyways, if your blog isn't on my list, please comment and I'll add it back. Trust me, it's nothing personal, I just can't stop it from deleting my blogroll...grrrrrrr.

Things are good. Richard and I are working most of the time. The rest of the time we're hanging out together. Rich has been pretty busy the past week or so because the Elders Quorum President got married and then moved away the same week. Since Rich is the first counselor, he's picking up the slack until a new EQP is called. Church was snowed out today, so we had a quiet Sunday together.

Last week in Young Women's, we made homemade face masks out of oatmeal, bananas, cucumbers, etc. The girls tried it out on themselves and each other. It was a good time. :)


Muum said...

hey, you should do the face mask thing again the end of October, you could also go trick or treating then, too! :}

Darwin and Kiara said...

get us on your list!! Smooches to you both!!

Chelsey said...

I love your blog music and your new template! I don't know if Andrew and I were on your list before, but I'd love to keep in touch more. Our blog address is I just sent you another invite just in case.